Shirts Fountain


Old shirts, starch, pigment

34” h

I am an artist, picture framer and founder of The Front, a co-operative gallery in Montpelier, Vermont. I studied at the New York Studio School, at Haverford College, and at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy, and hold degrees in painting and sculpture.

Nearly all of my work can be understood as study: fluid, open-ended exploration of subject and process. Paintings may be entirely reworked in the final few minutes, drawings can show more erasure than mark, and sculpting is "going well" when it involves picking up the toppled sculpture.

I take art to be a human conversation through history and pre-history. Any made object or image may be artistically relevant no matter when it was made-- so a million-year-old stone hand-axe is as likely as yesterday's webcomic to inform my work today.

The borders of visual recognition shape my work. How do we recognize images as representative, or not representative? What happens when an image is barely recognizable?

My goal is always to change people, including myself, through what I make. To that end, I look for means that are direct, friendly, and small.