Saturday 2 February

This is more or less what it looked like for the opening on Friday Feb. 1 (I cleaned up a little afterward). It was fun! The opening, I mean, not the cleanup; that was just okay. Soon I'll be installing the Mogielnicki Honorary Sink (thanks Peter and Nancy!) and some sort of floor covering so I can make more messes. Also on the to-do list is more and better lighting, some weatherstripping work around the door, re-assembling and populating the big flat file (you can see the drawers propped up against the back wall, with some talking portraits inside... cheaper and quicker than framing!), and generally getting down to work.

I have a Wish List for things that I don't NEED, but would make the place nicer:

-a used iPod or other basic music-producing device
-plants! I'll try not to kill them, promise
-a comfortable chair or two in case someone wants to sit on something that isn't a metal stool, a flat file, or the floor
-visitors! I'd love to see you there: Monday-Friday 3-6, for now.