7 March

See a kind article here about my storefront studio, by Dian Parker of Seven Days. It was fun talking with Dian, and with the photographer Stefan Hard. I'm very lucky that other (more clear-headed?) people occasionally explain and depict what I'm doing.

Next Thursday, the 14th, I'm hosting a community talk about what I OUGHT to do with the storefront studio in the next several months. I want some help and input-- I hate making decisions-- you're invited. 6:30-7:30 PM at the studio space, 6 Barre Street. My friend Sarah Waring will be guiding the conversation, so I can promise it won't be too rowdy or at all boring. No promises that I'll actually do what is suggested.

There's a bunch of new work and some sort-of-new work in the gallery half of the studio-gallery right now, tacked up yesterday. Tentative show title: "Talking Portraits and Two-Part Inventions." (One of the nice things about the space so far is that shows can be rearranged constantly while they're "live"-- something I always wish I could do with shows in spaces I'm not renting myself.) You should come see; it'll be near its current form through mid-April. You can even be included: many people have already suffered me to draw their talking portrait. It doesn't always take long and if you get bored you can leave!