24 April

photo by David Heath

Please come to the Storefront Studio Gallery this Friday, April 26 at 7 PM for a poetry reading and discussion by Jon Turner, Iraq war veteran and author of Eat the Apple. This was set up by the folks at Montpelier Alive! for PoemCity, a month-long citywide poetry festival. I'm looking forward to meeting Jon and expect it'll be an interesting evening. No need to RSVP, just show up at 6 Barre St. in Montpelier, 7PM Friday April 26th. 

This month's Art Walk opening (a few weeks back) was great, including some sales of the little 5- and 10-dollar inventions, some active drawing by guests of all ages, and a startlingly successful impersonation of me (by my friend Paul) when I ducked out to see other shows around town. Everyone should have an understudy.

I'm offering drawing and painting lessons at the studio now-- all media, all ages and skill levels (but not all at the same time). Go ahead and spread the word, and give me a call (802-839-5349) or email if you're interested. 

Still casting about for other ways to use the space better-- it's such a great space! All suggestions entertained. In the meantime I'm enjoying constant small and large improvements, including the loan of a (hypothetically) Night-Blooming Cereus and some other plants, a new sandwich board sign that only sometimes blows over every half hour, a rent-paying donation jar for your loose change and guitar picks, and-- coming soon!-- a doohickey made from an old brace, a broomstick and a hook to raise and lower my beautiful awning. Come check it out and stay for a talking portrait-- 3-6 Monday-Friday, 6 Barre St. in Montpelier between the tattoo parlor and the laundromat.