December 2013 Update

Happy December! Hope you're all staying warm in the north, and cool in the south. Hooray for axial tilt.

A new show specially for this month will be up in the gallery, featuring work by the 6 Barre crowd: Abigail Feldman, Shamus Langlois, James Secor, Dustin Smith and myself! As usual with us, a gallery opening means open studio too-- check out the ongoing projects in back, and talk to us about our process and plans or lack thereof. Also refreshments! 6 Barre Street, Montpelier VT, Friday 6 December, 4-8 PM.

Shamus and Abigail are collecting some awesome names for shows in the gallery. I'm already excited, and you will be! Keep an eye on the facebook page as we move into the new year. And feel free to suggest artists we ought to know: we're looking for under-represented, skillful people in the region, loosely defined.

We have a gallery that's rarely open. You have time, good will, and quiet projects to do in a friendly open space. Let's get in touch! Looking especially for afternoon and weekend hours, on a regular schedule.

FIRST CSA (Community Supported Artist) SHARES POSTED
Only two weeks late! It was a pleasure to scramble cards, prints et cetera to my generous supporters. So far no one's asked for their money back so I claim a success. Next batch (in May) will be even better. Check it out if you're curious.

I'm working deliberately (slowly) on delicate (small) transcriptions (knock-offs) of old masters (boring dead Euro guys) in a beautiful contemporary medium, pigment suspended in beeswax styli (crayons). One drawing got melted, so I took down its page on the website and posted a new, not-yet-melted one. It'd be a great gift-- it's a picture of St. Sebastian getting arrows yanked out of him by St. Irene. Who wouldn't want that?

As may be apparent, I'm an anticapitalist trying to make money to support my fun habits. Or maybe I'm just not very good at capitalism. Either way, commissions are good (for me) because usually I get some money up front to play later. Commissions may be good for you, too-- I encourage you to find out. No promises that I'll say yes to your idea, or that I'll do it the way you think you want it; otherwise being an artist's no fun. (Maybe that's a distinction between art and craft: art doesn't come out the way you wanted it?) Suggested commissions: live portrait, original transcription of your favorite art, still-life of meaningful objects. If you commission me NOW, it'll be in time for me to send you a sketch (wrappable, giftable) of the hypothetical art that may perhaps come later. The perfect "it's-the-thought-that-counts" gift, because it's mostly just thought! Low shipping fees.

Good luck navigating the holidays.