May 2014 Update

Happy May, everyone!
YOU SHOULD ALL BUY SHOES and clothing at The Shoe Horn in Montpelier this spring, because I have some paintings up there through June (there may be a reception June 6; see below for more on that date). I'm calling the show "Rough Geometries." It's a bunch of colorful abstracts in oil on canvas. I had fun coming up with patterns that didn't feel boring to make, and then screwing up because they were too hard for me! I've tried to price them to sell. Best to see them in person, of course, but if you must, you can also buy them on the website.
WE'RE GETTING FLOORING in the gallery space to replace the grey carpet. (It's possible the carpet's actually white under all the dirt.) That means pretty soon it'll be too fancy for you, so come visit quick! You've got about a week, then we're going to start turning away anyone who looks like they might mess up our floor.
GALLERY SIX EXHIBIT COMING UP: we have two excellent painters lined up to show work starting in June, with an opening reception on Friday, June 6 for Art Walk. I'll send another reminder, with official names and images, but go ahead and put it on your calendar now to be safe. There will be hilarity as usual, and LIVE MUSIC as unusual: my friend Ben Cosgrove has agreed to come up with his Korg and do his thing on the Gallery Stage (two flat files pushed together). Also snacks!
COMMISSIONS ARE GREAT fun for me, and I get paid too-- wouldn't you like to be a part of that? The part available to you is the paying part. Take a look on the "studio" page of the website to see a current example. The top three images are panels in a fifteen-foot-long oil painting in which a landscape transforms into something else, at length. For a while it was going to be a TWO-panel landscape, and at first it was just a single panel... but that's how commissions work! They come out so perfectly that you find you need triple what you thought you wanted.
With our studiomate Dustin leaving, the rent splits at 6 Barre Street are looking scary again. If you know a wonderful, friendly, stable person with a regular schedule and ~$200 a month that they'd love to spend on semi-public studio space, send them my way.
Nothing like getting covered in charcoal dust, squinting through a thicket of easels at a nude model huddling with houseplants, hearing the muttered curses of your fellow artists at the end of a long day of work. And it only costs $10! Every Wednesday at the studio, 6-8 PM.
Hope you all marched on International Workers' Day, or at least didn't work.