Update April 2015

Happy April!

At the end of this month, my erstwhile partners Shamus Langlois and Abigail Feldman will close gallery SIX. Until then, we'll make the most of it! Please come help us celebrate on Saturday April 11, 6:30-8:00; we'll have refreshments, live music, a group show up on the walls, a Free Draw board, talk and hilarity. (I'm working on the possibilities of staying in the space myself after gallery SIX leaves-- see below.)

I'm calling this show "Play Dates with Piet." Pieter Bruegel the Elder did a series of paintings representing the seasons, or maybe the months-- anyway, they're wonderful, you've probably seen at least one or two. I pulled a couple of old art books out of the library and took a stab at making my own versions, in crayon, from the dinky little reproductions. Mostly I wanted to catch Bruegel's sense of acres and acres of land, valleys' worth of air and sunlight. I left out almost all the buildings and working people in favor of bright crayon-scribbles, to show how modern I am. You can come to the Drawing Board, where I work, and take a look! They're on the wall behind the front counter, through April.

You can also see the "Play Dates" landscapes on my website. I've been playing around in the back-end parts, where I can see statistics and so on-- I'm supposed to be able to tell whether you're a robot or not by your browsing pattern. So if you want to register as human, don't click too fast I guess, or make sure your comments seem intelligent (but not TOO intelligent). Of course, if you buy things I shouldn't really care whether you're human.

Regardless of the studio/gallery's impending doom (see above and below), we're still chugging right along with weekly drawing evenings. These past couple of weeks have been really fun-- improvised costumes, props, gossip about the vibrant Montpelier art scene. If you don't want to be gossiped ABOUT, you should come join us! Or lead a blameless and boring life.

Even with the gallery closing, there's a chance I'll stay in the 6 Barre Street studio after all. I can see a couple of ways of doing that-- if a few more people want to join me as Studio-mates, we can split the rent up into digestible chunks. OR if a dozen plus people want to pay smaller amounts to be Gallery Members, for a constant small space to display and sell from, we might make it worthwhile for everyone. I'm pestering a bunch of particular folks about how much they want to help out, but if you're waiting to be pestered don't wait! This is it! Tell me exactly how you'd like to help us keep a visual-art presence in downtown Montpelier and pay my studio rent; I promise I will listen attentively.

Shockingly few people so far seem to want to give me money to pay the rent here, so while I plan to stay, I'm parallel-planning an exit strategy. Despite evidence, I'm confident there's affordable art-studio space in Montpelier. If you own it or know where it is, send me a clue! But not a difficult clue. Monday-crossword level, or whatever the easy day is.

Thanks for reading!